GrandBlue / Rental management

Hotel Rental Program Information (optional)

At GrandBlue, condominium owners and hotel guests alike enjoy the convenience and lifestyle of holiday resort living and benefit from our full range of services, amenities, and the prime beach location.
Condominium Owners have an option to join the Hotel Rental program and enjoy a good investment return and profit as well as hassle-free ownership. When the unit owner, his family or friends want to use the unit, they contact the hotel and schedule a visit. While at the hotel, they enjoy all of the amenities and services of the hotel.
When the unit is not being used, it can be rented through the hotel's rental program, with no worry about maintenance and upkeep. Distributable profit is defined as the guest room plus some ancillary hotel revenue less all the expenses of operating the hotel program for a particular period. All units need to be furnished and equipped following the Hotels standard.

GrandBlue Resort Hotel administration will take care of the rental administration, housekeeping, reservation staff, booking-systems, customer relations, accounting, marketing and sales.